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Is Personal training for me? This is a short 45 minute appointment designed to discover your health and fitness goals.


100% customized sessions to meet the client's goals. Constantly adjusting your programme to suit your needs, your training sessions and your time spent with Michelle will be intense but rewarding!  Book here...


Standardized set of procedures to assess your fitness levels in cardio-respiratory efficiency, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, core stability, body composition and postural analysis.


Personalized nutritional advice for those who are interested in improving their eating habits and complementing their ongoing fitness regime.  More...


Group classes are a fun and affordable way to get fit.


Design a program for beginners or advanced to train independently. Based on a personalized training plan put together on the basis of fitness and biometric testing.


What better way to relax! After a strenuous day at work or a tough training session you can have a massage. Massages can be booked with Bodyworks partner Julia Griffiths.


Yoga classes and privates sessions can be booked with BodyWorks partner AOM Yoga


Busy work schedule.......

I am working in front of the computer all day and I was looking for a training that would get me off my butt during lunch breaks but I hate the Gym. With Michelle I have found the perfect match. Her holistic and no-nonsense approach quickly detected the areas of improvement. Each lesson has an individual training schedule and she makes sure that a work out is not a tedious routine but in fact great fun and extremely effective. She was also a great help to adjust my nutrition in a way that it doesn't feel like another failed diet but like something I can easily maintain even with a busy work schedule. Since I started my training with Michelle, I have significantly improved my endurance and I am much stronger for longer!

I hated the gym!

I am highly motivated and do a lot of sports but I still felt I could improve my strength, get more toned, and improve my performance on the track and on the bike through doing weights. Problem was I hated gym. Michelle helped me realize that by...

Team & Hard Word!

We don't let you do all the hard work alone, We jump in and exercise with you.

Our Trainers and Teachers

Michelle Lavergne, founder of BodyWorks Geneva, has a simple philosophy: she believes that we are all able to overcome our personal fitness and health obstacles through a firm approach to exercise and healthy eating. Her personalized approach can help reduce unhealthy levels of stress, improve daily moods and improve confidence levels. more...




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